Which types of email accounts does Price Protection support?

Capital One Shopping Price Protection supports Gmail, Yahoo!, Outlook webmail providers.


Unfortunately, if you receive receipts at a webmail provider that is not supported, we aren't able to use them. If you would like to use Price Protection in the meantime, we recommend 1) using a Gmail account just for your shopping emails, and then 2) linking this new Gmail account to your "Purchases Dashboard" via your "Account Settings".


Whenever you buy something in the future, just enter your newly created email address into the email field, and Price Protection will pick up your e-receipts.


If you're using a new Gmail account to fetch mail from your current email system and linking it to Price Protection:

To have this account pull in past messages from your current email, use Gmail's Mail Fetcher feature, and select the the "Leave a copy of retrieved messages on the server" option.


This will fetch emails to your new Gmail account while leaving a copy on your current email system.

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