Problems installing Capital One Shopping

If you're having problems installing Capital One Shopping, we recommend checking the following:


Browser Compatibility

Capital One Shopping is available for Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, & Safari*. See specific installation instructions in this FAQ.


Work computers

Depending on the level of security, some companies block Chrome extensions from being installed on work computers. If you're on a work computer, you might want to try again on your personal desktop/laptop or contact your IT department to ask about installing Chrome extensions on a work computer.


Mobile devices

If the above aren't fixing the problem for you, Capital One Shopping is also available for iOS and Android*. Search for "Capital One Shopping" in the App Store/Google Play Store and get better prices on your phone right away!


If you're still having issues installing Capital One Shopping, please contact us at


*Please note - if using Capital One Shopping outside of the U.S., features may be limited.

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