How Local Offers work


1. Link Your Eligible Cards
No more hassling with coupons or loyalty cards! Link your eligible credit and debit cards. See more about card eligibility. Enrollment is completely free, secure, and takes less than a minute to complete.

2. Explore Offers and Shop
Check your Local Offers at or our app for real-time offers near you. Click the “Get X% Back” button under Local Offers to see offer details or search and view the store pages of participating merchants, then just use your linked card to make a qualifying transaction at the participating merchant.

3. Earn Rewards
Earn Rewards when you complete a qualifying transaction with one of your linked cards at a participating merchant. Rewards can be used to purchase gift cards available through Capital One Shopping. You can view your Rewards balance and history by going to your Profile section of your Account Settings.


Manage Your Cards

You can view your linked credit cards by going to the Linked Cards section of your Account Settings. You can opt-out and unlink your card from the program by clicking “Unlink” next to your linked cards at any time. Under Linked Cards you can also update and link additional eligible cards in the program as well.

Still have questions or issues? Read our troubleshooting doc for why Rewards may not be applied by clicking here. If further assistance is required, please contact us at

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