Ebates cash back step-by-step

Linking/Creating an Ebates account

Link an existing Ebates.com cash back account within your Wikibuy profile settings page via the "change linked account" button (see below). If an Ebates.com account hasn't been created, entering your email and a password in this field will do so automatically.

Note: Activating cash back through Wikibuy will automatically create an Ebates.com account with the same email address registered to your Wikibuy account.




Activating Cash Back

Wikibuy cash back notifications display in the top-right corner of your browser while shopping on participating retailers. Current cash back reward rates and amounts will also be displayed in the Wikibuy notification - cash back rewards vary by retailer.

Clicking the big green button in the notification will activate your cash back reward and, once activated, the following purchase(s) will earn cash back.





Viewing Cash Back

Visit Ebates.com and sign in using the Wikibuy-linked cash back account to view current cash back rewards. From there, view your cash back history, any pending cash back and total accumulated cash back rewards since the account's creation.

Note: Cash back transactions can take as little as 48 hours or up to 30 days to post to your account - read more about their distribution schedule and troubleshooting tips here.



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