How do I earn Shopping Rewards?

Click the “ok” button when prompted to activate Shopping Rewards while shopping on partner sites. The button will change from “ok” to “activating” to “activated”. Once you see the word “activated”, you’re ready to receive rewards!

  • We recommend staying on the retailer page until you complete your purchase. If you activate the Capital One Shopping extension, leave the page, and then go back to complete your purchase, you may not receive Shopping Rewards.
  • An activation must be made to earn Shopping Rewards. If an activation was not made, we are unable to retroactively issue Shopping Rewards.


Keep in mind that if you have another toolbar, plug-in, add-on, etc. installed on your browser that offers rewards, coupons, or discounts, that site may be credited for that order, rather than Shopping.


Only one rewards program (sites like Capital One Shopping) can work on an order at a time, so we recommend disabling any other programs before activating Capital One Shopping to ensure your purchase is logged with us. If another rewards program runs on your order and cancels out Capital One Shopping, we won't be able to confirm your purchase or grant rewards for it.


Once an eligible purchase is made with Capital One Shopping Rewards activated, it may take 30 - 90 days for the rewards to apply to your account. This period of time can be different depending on our partner sites. Travel-related Shopping Rewards can take up to 90 days after travel is completed. Read more on exclusions.


Already have rewards to redeem? Learn how! Or, have you been waiting on your Shopping Rewards and are wondering where they are?

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