Where are my Shopping Rewards?

Did you make a qualifying purchase and are now wondering where your Shopping Rewards are? There are a couple reasons your rewards might not be showing in your "Rewards & Savings Dashboard".

  1. Rewards are not immediately available in your dashboard. We ask you to please wait 30 - 60 days for your Shopping Rewards as the retailers we work with need time to account for exclusions, adjustments, returns, and cancellations. If you reach out before that time period is up, we'll likely ask you to wait just in case your rewards are on their way!
  2. Travel-related rewards can take up to 90 days to post after travel is completed.
  3. If your order falls under the exclusions set by the retailer, it's possible we may not be able to issue Shopping Rewards. We recommend checking the retailer's specific exclusions prior to placing your order.
  4. You may not have activated Shopping Rewards completely during the time of your purchase.


To confirm that you successfully made an eligible purchase to earn Shopping Rewards, you can check your Shopping Trips under My Rewards & Savings.


If it’s been over 30-60 days (depending on what your confirmation email said) from your purchase date and the corresponding Shopping Trip has not updated, please head to the bottom of the Help Center page (this page!) and look for where it says "Where are my Rewards?", and the button that says "Submit Request". From there, you can submit a ticket for us to investigate your order.

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